2018 TeamsCode Development Challenge

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The 2018 TeamsCode Development Challenge is a two-month long development challenge between competing schools in the Puget Sound area. Each school can field a maximum of three teams, each of which works on an app, website, or other software that helps to solve an issue related to a theme (to be announced on February 4th). At the end of the two month period, each team will be invited to the Showcase Event to present their finished application in a 5-10 minute demonstration. The top teams of different schools will win large prizes for their schools’ computer science departments.


  1. Projects must only be worked on by students of the same middle or high school, typically from the school’s computer science or other technology related club.
  2. Teams should avoid having a single experienced programmer or adult supervisor do the majority of the work.
  3. Project must relate to TeamsCode’s theme (announced February 4th).
  4. If a team has already been working on an app, they can use it for this contest only if the app was started during this school year and is less than 20 percent complete by the start of the contest.

If your team decides to use an existing project, please send an email to [email protected] regarding the app’s current progress so that we can approve the usage of this project in our contest.


The final application should aim to be easy to use and functional, meaning that it has a good design and presents a creative solution to an existing problem. This problem can be large or small; for example, an app could be made to help unemployed people find jobs or to help teenagers find the best places to eat out, as long as it aligns with the theme (the theme will be broad so you have room for creativity). The application will be graded by judges on the following categories:

  • User Interface (10pts): How your app looks in terms of design (visually appealing)
  • User Experience (10pts): How easy and efficient it is to use your app (works well and simple to use)
  • Idea (10pts): Whether or not your app is useful and relates to the theme
  • Presentation (10pts): How well you present your app at the Showcase Event (presentation skills, good demonstration of your project)
  • API (up to 2 bonus pts): Whether or not you used an API from the given list below


This development challenge encourages the use of a few selected APIs, either those of our sponsors or others that we believe can help you with your projects. These APIs can add functionality to your application as well as earn you a few extra points in the API scoring category (up to 2 bonus points). However, if you choose not to use an API, you will not be penalized. The list of APIs will be announced on February 4th.


  • Before 2/4: Registration for the challenge

  • 2/4: Theme and APIs are announced, challenge begins

  • 4/13: Apps must be submitted by 11:59pm to TeamsCode for review

  • 4/21: Showcase Event with food, presentations, and awards


Each school will have a maximum of three teams with between two and five people per team. Please have one person per team fill out this link.


Near the end of the development phase, a form will be opened where each team can submit a link to their application (website, download link, etc.). Teams can optionally submit accompanying images or videos of their application in use as well as a link to their source code repository (if applicable). The judges will take a few days to look over every application before the Showcase Event and may contact the team representatives with questions about the applications.

Showcase Event:

The Showcase Event will take place on April 21st tentatively from 12:00pm to 4:30pm. From 12:00 to 12:30, participants are welcome to socialize with other participants and settle in. At 12:30, schools will start presenting their applications. Finally, at around 3:30, the judges will convene and announce the top three winning schools. A full schedule will be presented later on.


Presentations will last between 5 and 10 minutes per team and will be held in front of a panel of judges. Teams may use PowerPoints, videos, and images during their presentation and should come equipped with a computer to be plugged in to a projector, ready to present. Teams should also provide a device with their projects downloaded onto or a website url for the judges to follow along with before presenting. If your team is unable to bring a computer or other device, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can make necessary arrangements.


The winning teams will receive monetary awards for their schools’ computer science departments and trophies for the team’s members. Each school can win once only, meaning they can get either first, second, or third place but not first and second or second and third (in case a school has more than one team competing). Each school is therefore represented by its top scoring team.


School A has three teams: Team Java, Team C, and Team Python

Team Java scores 40 points
Team C scores 30 points
Team Python scores 10 points

School B has one team: Team PHP

Team PHP scores 20 points

First Place: School A, represented by Team Java
Second Place: School B, represented by Team PHP

The following is a tentative outline of possible awards (subject to change):

First Place: $500 + trophies

Second Place: $300 + trophies

Third Place: $150 + trophies