Summer 2020 Virtual Contest


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Basic Information

Time: 1:00PM – 5:00PM

Team Sizes: 1-4 people per team.

Cost: Free

Languages: Java, C++, C#, and Python

Divisions: Intermediate or Advanced

General Guidelines

Intermediate: A division for programmers who have recently started programming and/or are in one programming class.

Advanced: A division for programmers with more experience, typically having finished one programming class and are fairly knowledgeable about a specific language.

Note: These are guidelines, not rules. You may choose to sign up for either division.


  1. Each team member must be in middle school or high school.
  2. Teams must not receive any help from anyone outside the team.
  3. Teams may use multiple computers.
  4. Pre-written code is allowed, as well as online reference guides.


1:00: Keynote Speech, Introduction to rules and schedule.

1:30: Contest begins.

4:30: Announce winners. Raffle.

5:00: End of the contest.

Exact logistics will be announced later, specifically, the medium through which we give speeches and announce winners and the exact distribution of prizes.


Overview: There will be many programming problems, sorted by difficulty from easiest to hardest. The points awarded is based off of number of test cases correct and difficulty of the problem. The correct output of for each test case of an easy problem awards 10 points, of a medium problem awards 20 points, of a difficult problem awards 30 points. Each problem will have three test cases, and temas will be restricted to two submissions for each problem. Submissions will be made through email.

The three teams with the most amount of points will receive medals. If there is a tie in points, the winner is decided by the team that completed their last problem first.

Input and Output: Read input from text file and output to console (answers checked manually by judges).

Sample Problem: You are facing off against a golem. In order to beat it, you must cast a magic spell. You are given two numbers. Your task is to find the largest number possible either by adding or multiplying the two numbers together in order to cast the strongest spell.

Input: The first line contains an integer L. The following L lines will each contain two numbers, N1 and N2.

Output: For each set of two numbers, print the largest number possible through either adding or multiplying the two numbers together.

Example Input:

6 12
1 54
2 2
9 -17
-7 -7

Example Output: