Overview Lesson #3

Below is a list of all the lessons this overview lesson will cover.

  1. Classes
  2. Using Multiple Classes
  3. Fields
  4. Method Types

Lesson Quiz

Each question in this quiz corresponds to that lesson, so if you miss a specific problem, go back to that problem’s lesson to review.

1. What is not part of a class?

a. Field Variables
b. Methods
c. Parameters
d. Constructor

2. What are instances of a class?

a. An object of that class type.
b. The constructor of that class.
c. The type of class.
d. The class itself.

3. What do we call writing the constructor multiple times?

a. Encapsulation
b. Overriding
c. Overloading
d. Recursion

4. What keyword only allows inheriting classes to access a method?

a. static
b. public
c. private
d. protected

Written by Jason Zhang

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