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Lots of Triangles

Problem Statement

Farmer John is thinking of selling some of his land to earn a bit of extra income. His property contains n trees (3≤N≤300), each described by a point in the 2D plane, no three of which are collinear. FJ is thinking about selling triangular lots of land defined by having trees at their vertices; A triangular lot has value v if it contains exactly v trees in its interior (the trees on the corners do not count, and note that there are no trees on the boundaries since no three trees are collinear). For every v=0…N−3, please help FJ determine how many of his L potential lots have value v.


For all pairs of trees, we store the number of trees under this line. Because no three trees are collinear, none will overlap with this line. This takes O(N^3) time.

Observe that by doing this, we can find the number of trees within an arbitrary triangle. We do this by adding or subtracting the number of trees under each edge.


More specifically, we add the value if the edge is above last remaining point in the triangle, and we subtract it if it is below.

Doing this for O(N^3) triangles finishes.

My solution can be found here

Written by Robert Chen

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