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Load Balancing

Problem Statement

Farmer John’s N cows are each standing at distinct locations (x1,y1)…(xn,yn) on his two-dimensional farm (1≤N≤100,000, and the xi’s and yi’s are positive odd integers of size at most 1,000,000). FJ wants to partition his field by building a long (effectively infinite-length) north-south fence with equation x=a (a will be an even integer, thus ensuring that he does not build the fence through the position of any cow). He also wants to build a long (effectively infinite-length) east-west fence with equation y=b, where b is an even integer. These two fences cross at the point (a,b), and together they partition his field into four regions. FJ wants to choose a and b so that the cows appearing in the four resulting regions are reasonably “balanced”, with no region containing too many cows. Letting M be the maximum number of cows appearing in one of the four regions, FJ wants to make M as small as possible. Please help him determine this smallest possible value for M.

In other words, given a set of points, divide them into 4 sections with one horizontal line and one vertical line. Let M be the maximum number of cows in the 4 regions. We want to minimize M.


Because (1 <= N <= 1e5), we probably need an O(N lg N) algorithm.

If we iterate over all possible vertical lines, this costs O(N). We could probably binary search over the two sections in O(lg N).

As we iterate over the possible vertical lines in order, we keep running counts of the number of points to the left and right of our line.


Specifically, given two sections L and R, we want to find the optimal placement of a horizontal line such that M is minimized. We can use a BIT to calculate the number of points in L and R underneath a given horizontal line.

Let L_top be the number of points above a given horizontal line for section L. Similarly, define R_top for R.

Note that

M = max(max(L_top, len(L) - L_top), max(R_top, len(R) - R_top))

This function looks like a parabola. By taking derivatives, we can binary search our way to the minimum. (Drawing this out may help you visualize).

My solution can be found here

Written by Robert Chen

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